Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing Orlando FL

Just purchased a new house or want to change the color of your floor? We can sand and finish your floor to virtually any color you desire. We pride ourselves in color matching. Armorglow Wood Floor Refinishing - Installation can professionally bring your floors back to life for you! Our sanding and refinishing techniques will give you back that clean, fresh look. 

Sanding & Refinishing
Using the most up to date equipment available, we offer services such as sanding and refinishing from our craftsmen. Our 8" and 12" drum, European belt sanders, edging and buffing machines are all dynamically balanced and support upgraded vacuum systems. These machines assure meticulous preparation of your wood floor while also maintaining the bare minimum of dust reaching the work and surrounding areas. All our employees are highly trained in the art of refinishing floors, guaranteeing a seamless and quality job for you to admire for a lifetime. 

Quality Coatings
All of our wood floor finish coatings are Commercial Grade.
Wood stains are custom blended to virtually any color desired. Top coatings are available in sparkling high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin and also flat sheens. Choose from oil based or environment friendly acrylic water base polyurethanes. Tung oil and wax finishes are also available.

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