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In the heart of central Florida, in Seminole County, stands a small but vibrant city named Longwood. In recent years, it has been recognized as one of the top 10 best cities to live in the state. It is a city with well-kept neighborhoods and homes. Armorglow Wood Floor Refinishing - Installation contributes to this upkeep by installing, repairing, refinishing, and designing impeccable looking wood floors for the residents. Our company has been a proven staple in this industry for decades, and we are thrilled to continue to bring this valuable service to the city of Longwood.

Longwood was previously occupied by Native American tribes that would eventually develop the Seminole culture. The trading grounds developed around a 3,000 year old bald cypress tree that was eventually named “The Senator.” It remained a treasure of the area until its presumed death in 2012 from a fire.

Longwood was settled by European migrants a bit later than some of its neighboring cities, with the original settlers coming during the decade of the 1870s, starting with just two men. It did not take long, however, for more to arrive, and the first post office was constructed in 1876. It was that same year that the settlement was given its name, which it kept upon its incorporation in 1923.

With one of the original settlers being a multifaceted businessman, the development of the new community was swift. By the 1890s, Longwood had three hotels and five established churches, along with eight stores.

Today, Longwood covers 5.6 square miles, 0.3 of which is water. The 2010 census reported a population of 13,657 residents, and a 2015 estimate of 14,085.

The public school children of Longwood attend Seminole County Public Schools. Within the borders of the city itself, there are four elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. Seminole County Public Schools have a total of over 66,000 children, and a total of 57 schools.

Business and Economy
For a city its size, Longwood has a large industrial sector. South Seminole Hospital is the city’s single largest employer, representing over five percent of the total workforce. Other large employers are UPS, Collis Roofing, Sears Home Improvement Products, and D&A Building Services.

In total, there are hundreds of businesses within the city, many of them retail, restaurants, and service based companies. There is a mixture of corporate owned and individually standing businesses like Armorglow Wood Floor.

Recreation and Attractions
For those who are looking to get an idea of what it might be like in early Longwood, you can visit the Longwood Historic District. It has an astounding 37 buildings listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. These include the Longwood Hotel, one of the earliest major businesses in the city, and the Bradlee-McIntyre House.

The one attraction that was here long before even the Native Americans is The Senator. At the time of the fire that resulted in its collapse, it was 125 feet tall. Now only 25 feet tall, only a fragment of it remains. While it is presumed dead by most accounts, there is some debate as to its status of life. Some believe there are active saplings at its base.

Within the city, there are also nine parks that are host to many sports leagues, recreational activities, and provide a tranquil environment to observe the wonders of nature.

Wekiva Island is a popular canoe and kayak rental area, where you can paddle your way down the Wekiva River, taking in the view. Their main amenity is The Tooting Otter, an indoor/outdoor bar and restaurant.