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Orange County, Florida is a briskly growing region in the United States. Within this county is a small but rising city called Maitland. With an extensive rural history, it is one of the oldest communities in central Florida. Not only is it expanding its population, but with its natural beauty and welcoming business climate, its affluence is also on the rise. Old and new homes alike will need solid, attractive flooring. That is why its long-time residents, as well as the newcomers are turning to Armorglow Wood Floor Refinishing - Installation to repair and install lasting, beautiful floors that will endure for years.

Up until the middle of the 19th century, the land that is now occupied by the city of Maitland was inhabited by the Seminole Native American tribe. After the Second Seminole War, the Native Americans were largely driven from the central Florida area. During the conflict, a fort named Maitland was built by the army of the United States in the year 1838. It was used mainly as a supply depot. The fort was eventually deconstructed after the conclusion of the war, and a settlement was built around the same area, on what was then known as Lake Fumecheliga. The lake was renamed Maitland, with the new settlement taking the same name.

For nearly a century, Maitland was a small agricultural community, with citrus serving as the main cash crop. Its transformation into a suburban city began in the 1930s, with the growth of the main city of Orlando. Today, Maitland encompasses 6.4 square miles, 1.2 of which is water. As of the 2010 census, 15,751 residents were reported, with a 2015 estimate of 17,463. Over the last seven decades, Maitland has grown 83 percent on average per decade.

The city of Maitland does not have its own independent school district. Its public school children attend Orange County Public Schools. This district is the tenth largest in the United States, and the fourth largest in the state of Florida.

Business and Economy
Maitland has a significant industrial sector. The renowned Maitland Center is an office complex that covers 190 acres, and is one of the largest business centers in the state. Over 400 businesses operate within this complex, with two of the more notables being Electronic Arts Tiburon and Power Pro-Tech Services.

The city also has its share of service based businesses similar to Armorglow Wood Floor, as well as a downtown area with small and large retail vendors. Visiting Downtown Maitland will also give you a wide variety of choices when it comes to food and beverages.

Recreation and Attractions
There is an attractive historical corridor in the city which consists of many homes that are more than a century old. The houses have stayed in impeccable condition due in no small part to their upkeep, which includes the maintenance of the floors, where businesses like Armorglow Wood Floor Refinishing - Installation can really come in handy.

The Enzian Theater is a major attraction of the city. It is an arthouse movie theater, which in turn, is home to Maitland’s single biggest annual event, the Florida Film Festival. The event features all types of films, including documentaries, animation, short films, and experimental media. The event has become prestigious enough that winning an award in this festival will get your film considered for an Academy Award.

The arts are also represented here in the form of the Maitland Art Center. Now a historic site, it gives art classes, residency programs, and professional development aid. The grounds have a courtyard, garden, and chapel for outdoor weddings.