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Among the suburbs of Orlando is a mid-sized city known as Winter Park. A place with a lot of natural beauty, its buildings, both historic and new, add to the picture. With its many tourist attractions, along with a clean residential area, Armorglow Wood Floor Refinishing - Installation is proud to contribute to maintaining and improving quality to many of these homes. We are glad to include this beautiful city in our scope of service, and look forward to increasing our presence here.

Long before the arrival of the European settlers, the Winter Park area was inhabited by the Muscogee Native Americans, who later gave birth to the Seminole culture. Many centuries later, in the year 1858, Europeans began to migrate to the area. The lakes provided ample fish and fresh water, however, the settlements remained remote and undeveloped for the first two decades. Then, in 1880, the railroad arrived, and two years later, Winter Park was established.

After the railroad, development happened extremely rapidly, with the construction of roads, stores, and a complete downtown area. Just five years later, Winter Park was officially chartered. Oranges were the cornerstone of agriculture, and were quickly accompanied by incoming businesses to grow the economy.

Today, the city of Winter Park occupies 10.2 square miles of area, with 1.5 being water. In the 2010 census, there were 27,852 residents, with a 2015 estimate of 29,943. Since its official charter, Winter Park has expanded its population every decade, with the exception of the 1980s.

Winter Park does not have its own independent public school system. Rather, its public school children attend Orange County Public Schools, which has its base in Orlando. 

Private education is also plentiful here. There are several private elementary schools, one middle school, and two high schools. There is also The Geneva School, which is pre-K through 12th grade.

In addition, there are also several higher education institutions. Winter Park is home to Full Sail University. There are four colleges that either have a campus here, or are based completely in the city. Crealde School of Art has classes for both children and adults. 

Business and Economy
Tourism is a significant part of the economy of Winter Park. Part of its attraction is the older section of town, known as Olde Winter Park. There are brick streets, along with old oak and camphor trees. Many who are going either to or from the city of Orlando for recreational purposes also make a stop in suburbs such as Winter Park along the way.

The city has a healthy industrial sector. The health care industry is represented by Winter Park Memorial Hospital, which is the largest employer in the borders. Publix, Rollins College, and Bonnier also are among the top job providers in Winter Park.

The commercial and retail sector contains many small boutiques, restaurants of varying prices and cuisines, and service businesses that provide the needs of the residents, similar to Armorglow Wood Floor. 

Recreation and Attractions
Downtown on the main street, among the retail area, are several art galleries featuring many genres. You can spend hours feasting your eyes on these works of beauty and intricacy. 

Winter Park is also blessed with nature’s art, and has scenic boat tours available on Lake Osceola. In addition, the city also has its share of public parks which have both athletic and passive recreational activities available. 

Historical preservation is of relative importance in this town, and you can learn about the roots of the area in Winter Park’s historical museums, some of which are located in old houses.